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What is a Go2 Bank Account?

GO2bank is Green Dot’s flagship digital financial group designed to simplify banking by way of allowing you to speedy and affordably get admission to, manage, and flow into your money.

With GO2bank, you’ve got the safety and peace of thoughts of banking with an FDIC-insured economic organization, which means your coins are blanketed up to the most allowable restrictions and gained’t be held using a third-birthday celebration economic institution.

Buy Go2Bank Bank Account

And, we have the revel to lower again it up: Green Dot® has served more than 33 million purchasers right away over the past 21 years, and plenty of thousands and thousands more through our banking companions.

Buy Verified Go2 Bank Account – Full Details

  • Verified Go2 Bank Account
  • Will offer all login statistics
  • Information concerning the backup
  • Customer resource
  • Verification documents

Why did I acquire a proposal in the mail?

You specifically determined to get preserve of a GO2bank offer due to the fact you’re a preceding consumer OR you opted in to get keep of advertising from one of our trusted 0.33-party partners. No credit score check was modified into performed, no one crammed out a utility on your behalf and no account was opened in your call.

The card despatched to you isn’t always energetic and has no price. You can activate your new GO2bank card by following the simple instructions that got here with it.

If you don’t want the cardboard, you could sincerely damage it. To be removed from future mailings, you may decide properly here or send a request together with your call and deal with GO2bank, P.O. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117-0100.

How do I report my card as misplaced/stolen?

You can report your GO2bank debit card as out of place or stolen and request a replacement card in the GO2bank app,

How do I qualify for overdraft protection?

GO2bank accountholders who get hold of direct deposit are eligible for Basic overdraft protection insurance. Additional levels of safety are to be had for those receiving $ hundred or greater in direct deposits over a rolling 35-day period. You have to decide on overdraft safety to acquire insurance at any degree of protection.

How do I earn cash lower back?

1. Log in to the app and select out an eGift Card to purchase. Every eGift Card buy includes up to 7% cash lower back. The percentage varies through the merchant. An active GO2bank account is needed to acquire an eGift Card.

Buy Go2Bank Account

2. Purchase the eGift Card together with your GO2bank to have stability inside the app.

3. Cash once more Is immediately brought on your available stability. You earn coins once more at the same time as you:

– Buy eGift Cards to ship to other GO2bank accountholders

– Buy eGift Cards for yourself. They’re saved to your in-app eGift Card wallet for use at any time.

  • Note, that smartphone verification is needed to apply this selection.

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